I am an advertising and web-design professional originally from Chicago, IL but currently reside in Atlanta, GA. 

I began my professional career by working at notable ad agencies such as Grey Worldwide, Burrell Communications and Matlock Advertising & Public Relations. Throughout the course of my career I have worked on campaigns for major brands like Ford, Coca-Cola and McDonald's. Often responsible for the concept, art direction and collaboration of team efforts.

A visionary and an artist, I began my coursework at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I then went on to complete my graduate studies at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta with a specific interest in Art Direction.

My expertise encompasses an array of skills, which include design, art direction, web-design and brand development. My work can be seen in print, digital media and TV ads.

A self-starter and a known “Jack of all Trades”, I enjoy learning new things. In my downtime I like to read, sharpen my skills through online tutorials and volunteer with underserved youth. I also enjoy collecting music, exploring new restaurants and attending live performances. In addition, I also Dj various events around the city.

I have a continued interest in working with an organization that will allow me to contribute to their creative team.
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